Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last year I killed a strawberry plant.
It was sad.
It was very sad.
I loved the little thing.
I won it at a department banquet.
My mom took care of it for me all summer long.
(I was pretty well completely preoccupied.)
(With getting married.)
So after a summer of TLC, Mom turned the little gal over to me.
After just a few nights outside, a deer ATE it.

How rude.
How very rude.
There were even small green berries preparing to ripen!
Deer and I are not getting along these days.
At all.
And I don't even hunt!
...Found this article today.
I think I might try again.
With the strawberries, that is.
Because the articles said,
"Best of all, they are easy to grow and care for."
Maybe these people don't know my track record.
Do you grow berries?
If so, I would love to be your neighbor.
Unless, of course, you have deer...

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