Monday, June 20, 2011

Wheats Up

Farley Family Reunion anyone???

My little garden is growing great! With all the cold weather, it took a long time to sprout, but everybody is doing great now! Wo-hoo! Pictures to come...

The Wonders of Spray Paint

I must say I'm rather addicted to the stuff lately. Its just so dang handy though...

As part of my yard appeal, I have just begun re-doing some old old old old old chairs and a fun little table. These pieces were found by my hubby and m.i.l. in some old old old old old abandoned houses. I screamed with delight at the hidden potential and made a list of jobs I had to complete for Flint before I could start my newest project. Well, all my tasks have been checked off and today I tackled chair nĂºmero uno. Once I get the other chair and the table done, they will be living happily on my porch :)

(The before picture clearly explains the 'shabby' in the phrase 'shabby chic')

The "Chicken-Proof" Fence

Most fences in my neck of the woods are built to be cow-proof, or horse-proof, or deer-proof. But not my garden fence.

Its main purpose is to be CHICKEN-PROOF...

Wow.... How funny and weird all at the same time :)

However, I do absolutely love this quaint little fence my dear hubby is building. He's a keeper.

So, the fence... Its a pole fence with willows attached every three or four inches. Flint saw fences like this in Africa ---and naturally we thought 'If you can't visit the jungle, bring the jungle to you!' :)

Thanks Hubby!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


First off - I have no pictures, so this is going to be a BORING blog. Alas, its my only internet opportunity, so I'm taking it...

So here's the update:
The yard is coming really well!

Demolition Completed
  • rock piled moved
  • fence tore down
  • trees cut down
Construction/Planting Completed
  • 4 out of 7 posts planted for the new (chicken-proof) fence
  • corn, beans, sunflowers, potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, carrots and squash are all planted!
I really love seeing progress and improvements made. Our progress has been slow, but steady and its starting to look alot better around our place :) Also, the mystery plant in my flowerbeds is going to bloom! My MIL calls it a money bush and tells me that the flowers are dark purple with white centers. Fun!

Happy June everyone!