Monday, April 18, 2011

Onions, Peas, and Weeds, Oh My!

one Saturday of beautiful weather 
+ husband with a free half hour 
= Planted Onions and Peas!!!

My big garden plot still needs some construction (we have a fence and some bushes to tear out). But that didn't stop me! I decided to let my peas and onions be flower bed fillers. I planted four short rows of onions (~100 bulbs total) and 3 short rows of peas (I didn't count these).

(I chose peas and onions to plant because they are frost hardy.)

The ground in this flower bed was so nice! It hardly took any major digging. The downside of such soft good soil was that the weeds had already invaded. There were hundreds of the one-inch-tall-annoyances. Grrrr!

My short little rows. (I love onions!)

Here are a few of the onion trenches. I poured some water-soluble Miracle Grow fertilizer in the bottom of each trench. (Was that a good idea?) The onion trenches were ~2 inches deep.

And here is part of one of the row of peas. The trench was only 1 inch deep - not as deep as the onions. 

This was a great great great day!

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