Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Faith Flower

Approximately fifteen years ago, on a bright sunny spring Sunday morning, I sat dressed in frills, listening to my Sunday School teacher explain the concept of faith.

"Faith is like a little seed," she said to the class. "If planted, it will grow!"

After the lesson was completely, our handout for the day was a small potted flower. No bigger than a couple inches.

"Remember, like this flower grows, your faith can grow too!" the teacher recited, handing every child a plant.

To say I worked really hard to keep the little plant alive might be an exaggeration. I am sure my mother did all the work at the beginning. But, boy, did it ever pay off.

That small scrubby little plant is now a HUGE bush in my mother's yard. Prolific doesn't even begin to describe this thing. Every year, Mom thins it down, moving a section or two to new spots in the yard. And every stinking section of that thing lives and grows. No, no... EXPLODES. Pretty much the coolest Sunday School handout ever.

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