Thursday, April 14, 2011

Planning My Flower Beds

Soon Hubby and I will be moving out of College Town and back home. Once home, I will be able to plant my flower beds. I cannot wait!

The flower beds I am working with already have a few things growing. Namely, two rose bushes, lots of tulips and lots of daffodils. Yay for perennial flowers! The tulips and daffodils are already growing like crazy. In fact, I'm afraid I might have already missed the grand blooming of the daffodils --- they were extremely close when I left Monday morning. Hopefully they hold out until the weekend for me!

Perennial flowers -- whats not to love?
They come back. Every year. On their very own!
Its like magic!

Perennials and I go way back. Its the only gardening I have succeeded at....

(read my Faith Flower story for details)

So, back to the planning. I am definitely helping myself to some of the perennial faith bush.
(I am not even sure what type of plant it is. It has small white daisy type flowers with yellow centers and the stems get two to three feet high.)

If my new zinnias seeds grow, I will use them as part of the bed arrangement. I also need to save some room in my beds for my green beans and peas. There is just not enough room in my small garden plot for all the veggies.

Other than that, I think I will make a trip to the local greenhouse and purchase:
- marigolds
- pansies
- impatiens (...maybe...)
- petunias

Color scheme? Still working on that one...
Are color schemes even possible? Or it better to just go for random?

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