Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shantel's Suggestions

One of my college friends, Shantel, gave me some great suggestions to help with the question of "What's for dinner?". She gave me these ideas several months ago and I never shared...

Let me preface by saying that Shantel is pretty much amazing at everything she does. Really! She is a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, owns her own wedding invitation business and still makes her husband dinner at night! Way to go Shantel!!!

Suggestion #1: Make a ten day meal plan. She does this on Saturdays and it is supposed to last from Monday through the next Wednesday. (Then she has a head start in case she doesn't get her next plan done in time!)

I have been doing this every other Monday, but I don't plan for weekends at all. They are too crazy and I never really know whats going to be happening. I plan ten meals, so it lasts for two weeks of weekdays. As I meal plan, I create my grocery list. I know this doesn't seem like anything earth shattering, but WOW! It has helped my grocery shopping habits SO incredibly much!

Suggestion #2: Rather than using a recipe box, Shantel has a recipe blog! That way, when she finds a fun recipe on the internet, she doesn't have to print it. She just blogs it! (Giving full credit where credit is due, of course...) And the thing I love best about this idea: She can always add new comments about how the dish turns out or variations she tries.

Well, with my inconsistent internet connection problems, this strategy hasn't caught on yet for me. Maybe someday? In the mean time, I do enjoy checking out what Shantel has cookin'. You might too! 

Thanks for the great ideas Shantel!


  1. Oh my heck Amy! I was so surprised when I saw the title of your post. I'm glad that the Meal Plan is working for you. I seriously love it (and if I don't do it - we just pasta every night until I get around to planning again.)

    Thank you for your sweet comments about me, i'm definitely not as amazing or as sweet as you!

  2. Ironically - its a pasta night for me! Haha :) Have a great weekend!