Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dinner Tonight: BLT

It has been a fairly busy day and tonight Husband and I are leaving for home. Thus, dinner is low on the priority list. I was busy making a salad for tomorrow (ever tried broccoli salad?) and was smart enough to cook a few extra slices of bacon.

Have I ever mentioned my undying love for bacon?? Oh how I love that greasy goodness...


Where was I? .... Oh! Dinner.... I am taking Easy Street and we are having BLTs. Mine will be in the form of a salad; Flint's will be a sandwich.

Side note: Have you ever considered what an oxymoron a BLT is? I have an idea! Lets take bacon, pretty much the worst food for our hearts, and eat it with tomatoes and lettuce, so that we don't have to feel so guilty about eating it :) But don't worry, I've never felt guilty about eating bacon, even without the LT added!

...I always love an excuse to take it easy - especially when it involves bacon :)


  1. Oh, how I LOVE bacon. Love it.

  2. I love taking it easy and I love-love bacon! My only problem is that I don't like Tomatoes, so as much as I love the idea of a BLT, it always turns into a "Bacon, Chicken, Cheese" sandwich... with a little bit of lettuce. But I still call it a BLT so I can pretend it's still healthy for me. *sigh* Have fun at home!