Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why I need lists...

Seriously people. One time I brave the grocery store without a list and I BOMB it.

I haven't meal planned in cough cough a while so today on the way home from Sky View, I decided I could throw together Taco Soup easy enough. The only thing I would need at the store was tortilla chips. Well, you guessed it. Instead of paying $1.88 at the Lee's checkout stand, I payed $22.38. Grrrr...

Check out the picture. Its a nice assortment of CRAP food. NOTHING (besides the chips) to help me with a meal.

Here's the break down:
4 Pillsbury cake mixes (on sale at least!)
3 12-packs of pop (also on sale!)
2 bags Santitas tortialla chips
1 gallon of milk
1 jar Chad's raspberry salsa
...and a partridge in a pear tree...

Wait a minute.. Raspberry salsa??? What the huh? Okay, but honestly, they had a sample of this stuff and it is seriously to die for. I lost all ability to reason and HAD to buy the salsa. I'm calling the purchase research for next canning season.

I was also able to justify the pop purchase - next week Flint has finals so I'm calling it a Finals Week Survival Gift. Cuz I'm so nice like that :)


  1. I am the same way! The last time I went to the store I ended up home with a summer sausage, easy cheese, crackers, crescent rolls, and some ice cream. All just because I was feeling snacky. :)

    I really should have made a list!

  2. I am SOOO guilty of this! I always seem to find something on sale that I "just! can't! pass! up!" It's always better if I send Stanton to the store instead.

    You should see my grocery lists nowadays with a family of six. Good heck they're long!

  3. haha I can so relate! I always buy crap when I don't have a strict list!