Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a few apricots and a whole lotta sugar

Yesterday was a canning day. But not an ordinary canning day. No, this was an out-of-the-ordinary canning day. I didn't spend the day in my mother's kitchen and I didn't spend the day taking directions from my mother. In fact, there was NO mother insight.


Scary, I know!

Yesterday was an extra-ordinary canning day, because I did all on my own!!! Ok, yes, I did make one, maybe two, ... or possibly dozen several phone calls to the mother... But still! I did it *almost* all on my own!

My in-laws have an orchard and the apricot tree was FULL to the max. The husband loves apricot jam. However, I didn't want to overwhelm myself before I even began, so I only did a half-bushel yesterday, but its a start, right? I ended up with 11.5 pints and 2 quarts. I was quite proud of myself :)

And I must say, that apricot jam tastes dang good!

PS: I love that the Pugsleys' have an orchard... Its so quaint :)


  1. I love apricot jam! I'll admit that i'm a little jealous. Last summer we bottled raspberry peach jam and oh-my-goodness it is delicious!

  2. Rock on and way to go! My mom and I just did raspberry and some apricot jam over the weekend. Notice I said "My mom and I". That would be super scary doing it on my own! Way to go!

  3. I just dried a bunch of apricots and made raspberry freezer jam yesterday! I need to make some apricot jam. Did you do the pectin kind or just the fruit,sugar, pineapple, cook til clear kind? Just wondering because it looks beautiful! You're so domestic, cutie!

  4. Wendy - I actually made BOTH a batch of pectin and a batch of non-pectin. The non-pectin stuff took eternity to get to the 'gel' stage so I will never be doing that again :) Both turned out looking about the same. Thanks for your comment :) My mom always tells me about the canning adventures of Janet and Wendy :) !!!